Galang and Bingai (Sweetheart and little Brother)

Aunty Jaluka Rose Quinlin


A Djaingatti story as told by Aunty Jaluka Rose Quinlin.

There was a beautiful young girl who loved to dance. She lived with her mum, dad, her three sisters and four brothers. Her father’s people were from Djaingatti nation. The girl’s name was Galang. This name means sweetheart in the Djaingatti language.

She was a talented singer and dancer and she wasn’t shame about expressing herself and sharing her talent with others. Galang would get up and dance around the campfire when her people would put on a big corroboree to welcome visitors to the area.

Bingai was a clever falla visiting the Macleay Valley and when he was travelling past Nulla Nulla creek bush camp he saw Galang dancing at one of the corroboree ceremonies. He was so struck by her beauty that he just had to have her for himself.

Bingai the clever falla went away and mixed up a little bit of this and a little bit of that and he caused a big wind to blow. The wind blew fierce and it blew long and wild. All the leaves, branches, feathers and sticks went swirling straight up, round and round and swooshing all over the place. The wind took up all the mixture and it travelled all the way to where Galang was dancing and it lifted her up and carried her back to Bingai.

From now on she was to dance for him and him alone.  Galang was never allowed to return to her family ever again. Galang tried to run back to her family but as soon as she got out of Bingai’s reach she would turn into a Lyar bird.

So at night when the Djaingatti prople held their corroborees, Galang would jump to her feet and start dancing whenever she could hear the heating of the clicking sticks and the droning of the didgeridoo and the singing of the songs in the Djaingatti language from out of the bush camp.

So when you are in the bush listening to the didgeridoo and the clicking sticks look around and you may notice a lone Lyar bird dancing in the distance. Sing out galang, galang dance for me. You’ll never know and she might even blow you a kiss.

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  • Acrylic on canvas