The Coolamon Business Network

Coolamon is a unique and dynamic business network committed to bringing about meaningful social change by empowering and elevating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander small businesses across Australia.

We invite you to browse our website and find out more about who we are, the businesses we work with and how you can support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and communities.

About Us

The Coolamon is a solid and enduring boat-like traditional vessel, used as a container for everything from gathering resources, protecting from the weather, or carrying a baby.

The Coolamon is a cultural metaphor for self-belief, perseverance and resilience. It is a marker for milestones on the journey of life. Coolamon is the journey of Aboriginal leaders and small businesses moving to the next stage of growth; it is a physical and spiritual journey.

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Babana Consulting

Googah Aboriginal Youth Mentoring

Children of Bomaderry Aboriginal Children's Home

Coolamon Aboriginal Arts Hub

Aunty Jaluka Rose Quinlin

Elevating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Businesses

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