Aunty Jaluka Rose Quinlin

Aunty Jaluka Rose Quinlin

Jaluka was born at Kempsey Hospital in November 1962.

At the time, Jaluka’s parents – Denzil and Roseina – were living at Pee Dee (60 km northwest of Kempsey) with their two daughters and three sons.

The family moved to Bellbrook when Jaluka’s youngest brother was born, and later moved to Armidale when her youngest sister was born.

Jaluka went to primary school in Armidale then on to secondary school at Kempsey High School where she discovered her passion for art.

“In my social study and history classes I would have more artwork than written theory in my project books,” Aunty Jaluka said.

After finishing school, Jaluka studied Nursing and Aboriginal Health Education, then worked in Aboriginal Medical Services in Armidale, Kempsey and Sydney.

Jaluka is a mother of four dalaiguur (children); Colin, Benjamin, Candace and Jordan. She is also a grandmother to four grandchildren; Levi, Benjamin Jnr, Samara and Leon John.

Throughout her adult life Jaluka has shared and promoted her Aboriginal culture through storytelling, art, language, traditional dancing and singing.

She has exhibited and sold artwork through Boomali Aboriginal Art Gallery, Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place, and Dunghutti Ngaku Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Many of Jaluka’s paintings portray stories from her childhood, including the stories shared with her by her grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and other close relatives.

Jaluka is also interested in painting the struggles of life under Mission Management and artworks that reflect her faith. Jaluka currently teaches Dunghutti language at Greenhill Public School and at Kempsey High School.

Dunghutti Elder, Uncle Bob Mumbler

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- Dunghutti Elder, Uncle Bob Mumbler, former Chair of the Dunghutti Elders Council and a recipient of an Order of Australia Medal.

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