Chloe Spinks

Chloe is a Gamilaroi and Barkindji woman from New South Wales.

She developed a keen interest in creating artwork at an early age, after being introduced to painting by one of her Uncles when she was just three.

Visual Art was Chloe’s favourite subject throughout Primary and Secondary School and making art has become an important part of her adult life.

After her Mum passed away, Chloe found painting helped with her grief.

‘Art for me is a way to escape the trauma in my life,’ Chloe said. ‘It’s about creating a safe place.’

Once Chloe became a mother herself, art making became an important way of sharing stories and knowledge with her kids (of which she has three).

‘I like to paint stories of my safe places, the places where I feel happy and peaceful, and stories my parents told me about their childhoods.’